Exhibit Design

Mick Orr

Mick Orr
© Bremner & Orr

'My site visit to the Betjeman Millennium Park in the middle of Wantage appealed immediately. I discovered here a delightful green 'lung' of a park, almost in the heart of this ancient Oxfordshire town.' 

'Here I met some of the local people who had backed the campaign to save this green space, that runs alongside the Letcombe Brook. In fact, it sits alongside what was the Poet's regular walk into the heart of the town, to the pub, the shops and the church.' 


Students 'chilling out' in the Performance Area
© John & Sheila Terry

'I saw parents collecting their children from school, older children checking homework, groups picnicking amongst the trees, ferns, flowers and shrubs.'

'I found that his mark had already been made here: tablets of stone had been installed, engraved with quotes from JB, one-time resident of Wantage.'

'The task, as I saw it, was to celebrate his triumphs, and through snapshots, photos and captions to encourage and inspire the guardians of this place and others who see their environment in danger.'

'The design for the resulting three exhibits in the Park seeks to blend aspects of three themes. They intentionally overlap and run together, seeking by the use of 'light touches', appropriate to a casual visit to the Park, to deliver the three themes.'

These are
The life & works of JB
'Mother Nature' as reflected in both JB's works and the Park's features
'A Sense of Place', portraying the buildings and landscapes protected and conserved with JB's help – at national, regional and local levels' 

Six Plaques

The 6 Poetry Plaques designed by Alec Peever
© John & Sheila Terry