Voluntary Tasks

The upkeep of the Park is primarily dependent upon inputs of voluntary labour and funding.   Trustees, local residents and well-wishers are the main sources of those inputs.  As the uses of the Park grow and it becomes more popular, so the contributions increase.  
Andrew St. George

Andrew St George
© Mary Loudon

Andrew St George, a local resident and Trustee, praises these voluntary contributions offered as muscle-power and gift-aid payments: 

 "Through the commitment of volunteers, the Trust is able to maintain this very valuable public amenity.  Large numbers of tasks are regularly performed.  These include mowing the Performance Area, daily litter collection and the removal of invasive weeds.  The latter involves preventing the spread of noxious plants such as docks."

There are also seasonal tasks, with which Working Parties of volunteers assist.    As Andrew explains: 

"These involve: 

  • the removal of cow parsley from areas where other flowering plants need to grow
  • the planting of bulbs
  • the collection of leaves at the onset of winter.

For some of these tasks, the inputs of the local packs of Beavers and Cubs, together with parents, are especially valuable."

Inevitably there are other, bigger jobs for which heavy machinery, equipment and skilled labour are required.  For these tasks, such as tree surgery, masonry work and fencing, local contractors are involved.  The donations of the Park's friends are invaluable in helping to meet the costs of the these less regular, but substantial  operations.

For all of these voluntary contributions, the Trustees say a BIG "THANK YOU."

Volunteers Working

Volunteers at work digging up cow parsley
© Ralph Cobham

Volunteers Working

Volunteers enjoying refreshments
© Ralph Cobham

Volunteers Working

Volunteer working party members hard at it again
© Ralph Cobham