The Trustees, who own and manage the Park, liaise closely with several organisations, which have assisted the Educational Project.  Chief amongst these has been the Wantage Branch of the Betjeman Society, Pat Mattimore.  

Pat Mattimore

Pat Mattimore
© Ralph Cobham

As she remarked at the start of the Project:  " Projects such as this are vitally important in both sustaining an understanding and appreciation of John Betjeman's contributions to our island culture.  The young in this Vale and Downland area need to have every opportunity to know more about this 'People's Poet'."

The web-sites of these organisations are listed below: 

  • The Bat Conservation Trust -
  • The Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (BBOWT) -
  • The Betjeman Society -
  • The Betjeman Festival -
  • The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers Community Network -
  • The Dolphin Gallery -
  • The Vale & Downland Museum, Wantage -
  • The Wantage Library -
  • The Wantage Summer Festival -
  • Alec Peever, Lettering & Sculpture -
  • Bremner and Orr Design Consultants Ltd - 
  • Flower Farms, Wild Flower Seeds and Plants, Workshops & Consultancy -
  • FreshSpring, Website Designers -
  • John Betjeman Centre Poet Laureate, Cornwall -
  • Letcombe Brook Project, Wantage & Grove -
  • Rebecca Hind, Painter of Sacred Landscape -
  • Wantage Art Group -
  • Wantage Business and Community -
  • The Woodland Trust -