Past Events

Betjeman Millennium Park: April-December 2011 Events & Activities
Since the Unveiling of the 3 Educational Exhibits on 26 March, many Events and Activities have either taken place in the Park or have been associated with it.  Starting with the most recent, they included:
27 November A Leaf Collection Working Party of Local Cubs and Beavers
20 November A Leaf Sweeping Party of Local Volunteers.
12 November A Leat Maintenance Operation by Park Trustees.
26 October A Treasure Hunt by staff of the Financial Dept of Concateno Ltd, Milton Trading Estate.
11 October The launch of the Government's Green Infrastructure Partnership and the Landscape Institute's booklet 'Local Green Infrastructure'.  The latter features the Park as one of eight nationally selected community projects.
2 Oct A working party of local Clubs and their parents helped to plant several hundred new bulbs. View photos of the Wildflower Planting
14 Sept A visit by students and staff from Fitzwaryn School.
12-14 Sept 6 Visits by a total of approx 170 students from Charlton Primary School involving the observation of nature as a prelude to creative writing.
11 Sept A Teddy Bears' Picnic and Parade was held as an inaugural event prior to the opening of the first Wantage Betjeman Literary Festival. It was attended by over 30 children, Teddy Bears and families. View photos of the Teddy Bears' Picnic.
30 Aug A Working Party of Cubs, Beavers and their parents helped to plant 150 pots of wildflowers in the Park as part of a biodiversity project.
22 Aug Emergency surgery to a mature Sycamore tree, which temporarily threatened public safety. View photos of the Tree Surgery.
28 Jul A visit to the Park by some residents of Richmond Village (Letcombe Regis) followed by tea in the garden of Sir John Betjeman's forme Wantage home.
15 Jul The second annual 'Drama in the Park' performance written and presented by students of King Alfred's College's English and Drama Departments. View photos of Drama in the Park.
9 Jul The first of several Working Parties of Local Volunteers to dig ground around the Horse Chestnut tree. This was in preparation for the planting of wildflowers and bulbs followed by grass seeding.
19 Jun The annual 'Art in the Park' Master Classes and the display of works on the Park railings by members of the Wantage Art Group. This event was part of the Wantage Summer Festival. Students from the following schools attended KAsSSCollege, Charlton Primary, Grove C of E Primary, Millbrook County Primary, Ridgeway C of E Primary, St Amands Catholic Primary, Stanford in the Vale Primary, Uffington C of E Primary.
16 Jun The first visit by teachers of Wantage Area Secondary and Primary Schools. this was hosted by King Alfred's Specialist Sports College. The Primary Schools represented were Charlton Primary, Fitwaryn School and Millbrook County Primary.
11 May The pollarding of the iconic Horse Chestnut tree at the bottom of Betjeman Lane. The tree had become unsafe due to a combination of old age and invasion by leaf miners. View photos of the pollarding
17 Apr Terry Gashe, one of the Park Charity's Trustees completed the London Marathon, raising over £500 for Trust funds.