Newspaper Cutting

Cutting from the Oxford Mail, Wednesday 22nd January 1997.

"Lists of the 'Players for the Park' are provided below."

Representatives of the Letcombe Brook Amenity Society, who presented evidence at the Public Inquiry Appeal in 1996:

Verbal submissions were also made by Anne Chnoweth, Dr Dick Squires and Cllr Jim Moley.

Founder Trustees & Officers, Letcombe Brook (Wantage) Charitable Trust.

Sheila Terry1997-2001
Lynda Allen (Hon Treasurer)1997-2001
Cllr Anne Chynoweth1997-2004
Ralph Cobham1997-Present
Irene Hancock (Hon Secretary)1997-2009
Dr Dick Squires OBE1997-2008
Chris Stone (Hon Treasurer)1997
Sue Cobham (Clerk)1997-2008

Trustees & Officers during the Establishment and Development Phases.

Brian Chisholm (Hon Treasurer & Chair)1997-2008
Andy Chalmers (Hon Treasurer)2001-2007
The Rev Nicholas Cheeseman2004-2007
Terry Gashe (Hon Treasurer)2006-Present
Dr Andrew St George2007-Present
Anya Smith2008-Present
Neil Terry2004-2010
John Vandore2010-Present
Liz Wilson (Hon Secretary)2002-2009
Jessica Stanton (Clerk)2009-2016

Since the trust was established many professional advisers have contributed both to its formation and operation. Principal sources of such services, for which is very grateful, included:

Rosemary Allan (Wildlife Photographer)Ornithology
Grant Audley Miller (VoWH District Council)Environmental Planning
Dawn Benson (Artist & Sculptor)Master Class Tutor
Michael Berrett (Charles Lucas & Marshall)Legal
Dr Giles Biddle OBE (Arboricultural Consultant)Arboriculture
BTCV Community NetworkInsurance
Russ Canning (CRC & Scott Wilson)Landscape Planning
Emily Chambers (Freelance Ecologist)Ecology
Sioban Coppinger (Sculptor)Sculpture
Matthew Cox (WREN-Waste Recycling Environmental)Grant Administration
Aimee Dent (Heritage Lottery Fund)Grant Administration
Joanne Dugmore (Independent Consultant)Communications Co-ordination
Charles Flower (Flower Farms)Woodland Ecology & Management
Howard Fuller (Vale & Downland Museum, Wantage)Photographic Archives
Oliver Fyson (AKS Ward)Structural Engineering
Dr Christine Garwood (Heritage Lottery Fund)Grant Administration
FG Harris (Betjeman Centre, Wadebridge)Archives
Chris Hart (Mr Hart's Theatrical CompanyDrama Production
David Heavens (VoWH District Council)Planning, Purchase & Development
Bevis Hillier (President, Betjeman Society & Author)Biography
Rebecca Hind (Watercolour Artist & AuthorWebsite Watercolours
Adrian Hutchings (Thames Valley Records Centre)Crayfish Monitoring
Dudley Iles (Freelance Ecologist)Ornithology
Anna Jarvis (Heritage Lottery Fund)Grant Administration
Amanda King (Volunteer Naturalist/Photographer)Entomology
Garry Kingett (Youth and Community Worker)Community Work
Mary Lambe (VoWH District Council)Landscape Planning
Bernard Mattimore (Freelance Photographer)Photographic Images
Jinny Mills (Community Art Specialist)Community Art
Andrew Miller (Land Art)Landscape Architect
James MitchellBetjeman Literary Festival
John Murray (John Murray, Publishers)Copyright
Alison Neale (Freelance Journalist)Publicity
Bogdon Nedelkoff (BHP Harwood Architects)Design & Construction
Cllr Patrick O'Leary (Dolphin Art Gallery)'Art in the Park' Sponsor
Mick Orr (Bremner & Orr)Interpretive Design & Display
Pamela Orr (Bremner & Orr)Interpretive Design & Display
Gabriella Pape (Land Art)Landscape Design
Dr David Pattison (Chairman, Betjeman Society)Biography
Alec Peever (Sculptor & Letter Cutter)Sculpture
George Reade (VoWH District Council)Arboriculture
Stuart Roper (Artist)Master Class Tutor
Lendon Scantlebury (Sculptor & Artist)Master Class Tutor
Dr Sarah Simblet (Author & Artist)Master Class Tutor
Terry Stock (VoWH District Council)Planning & Development
Chris Stone (Independent Examiner)Accountancy
Sgt Georgia Taitt (Neighbourhood Police Team)Security
Inspector John Turner (Thames Valley Police)Security
Isabelle Van Groeningen (Land Art)Horticultural Specialist
Cllr Terence de Vere (VoWH District Council)Planning & Development
Sally Wallington (Letcombe Brook Project)Ecology
Wantage Silver Band Music
Gordon Wilcox (VoWH District Council)Engineering
John Williams (Freelance Arts Consultant)Arts
Zurich Insurance Comapny 

Considerable financial assistance has been provided from several grant-aiding organisations the main ones being:

  • The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Southern Arts
  • Wantage Town Council
  • WREN Waste Recycling Environmental
  • The Vale of White Horse District Council

Several contractors and suppliers, both firms and free-lance individuals, have assisted the Trust with construction and on-going maintenance operations.  They have included the following:

A & L Tree Services LtdTree Surgery
C BarclayFree-lance Building
Peter Beales RosesClimbing Roses
SC BelcherLorry Hire & Ballast
BuildbaseBuilding Materials
Alan BishopFree-lance Building
LJ CanningsPlant Hire
John CookFree-lance Digger Driving
Jim BraceyJCB Operation
Ed DudleySite Clearance
Flower FarmsWild Flower Seeds
P GreenFree-lance Building
S Grundon (Ewelme) LtdScreened Hoggin
Roy HansonIron Railing Fencing
Harris Brothers (Lambourn) LtdLitter Bins
Hobs ReporgraphicsMap Images
John MasonFree-lance Building
Mercury PhillipsExhibit Fabrication & Framing
W PinneyFree-lance Building
MPC Property ServicesCloseboard Fencing
Steven NorthorpSite Clearance
Oakleaf Tree Services LtdTree Surgery
St John Baptist College (Bagley Wood)Rustic Seating
Nick SpenceSarsen Stones
Tom SpenceSarsen Stones
TVEPlant Hire
Wantage Building MerchantsBallast & Timber Shuttering

In Collecting and preparing the exhibits website for educational project grant-aided by hlf, trust gratefully received help from members of a specialist working party, whom were:

Ralph Cobham(The Betjeman Society)
Susan Cobham(The Betjeman Society)
Bernard Mattimore(The Betjeman Society)
Pat Mattimore(Secretary, The Betjeman Society, Wantage Branch)
Mick Orr(Consultant Designer, Bremner & Orr)
Dr David Pattison(Chairman, The Betjeman Society)
Michael Riggs(The Betjeman Society)
The Rev Canon John Salter(Chairman, The Betjeman Society, Wantage Branch)
Domonic Scott(Department of English, KAs SS College)
Veronica Sharley(The Betjeman Society)
Jessica Stanton(Clerk to the Trustees)
Susan Thwaite(Member, The Betjeman Society)

The Educational Project involves the participation of 13 local Primary Schools, as well as King Alfred's Specialist Sports College.  The contributions of several members of KA's staff is greatly appreciated by the Trustees. Those members, who have been particularly involved to-date, include:

  • Simon Spiers, The Principal
  • Jonathan Smith, Joint Deputy Principal
  • Denis Burson, Head of the Art 
  • Vicky Oliver, Head of Drama
  • James Pitts, Head of IT  

Over the years numerous people on addition to the Trustees and members of their families have volunteered to help with the formation and upkeep of the Park.  Unfortunately a record does not exist of all those people who have kindly contributed muscle-power, plants, support, refreshments etc.  A partial list is presented below and pictures of some volunteers feature in the Exhibits.

  • Members of the Chowns, Dickinson, Eley and Edwards Families
  • Lewis Humm
  • Tony and Houghton
  • Dudley Iles
  • Chris Jones and Jackie Storer
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Elspeth O'Donnell
  • Graham Parker
  • Peter Pitts
  • Sarah Simblet
  • Judy Tren
  • Pip Titherage
  • Andrew and Sylvia Ward and members of the 1st King Alfred Club Scout pack

A major effort has been made to include the names of all of the organisations and individuals, who have contributed to the establishment, use, management and maintenance of the Park.  The Trustees apologise of any omissions and ask them to be brought to their attention.

Finally, the Trustees wish to thank all those many people, who have made donations to the Park.  A list of donors is currently being prepared.  In due course it will be displayed in The Vale and Downland Museum.