How the Park is used

Sue Cobham

Sue Cobham
© Ralph Cobham

One of the Park's volunteers, who regularly mows the Performance Area grass, picks up litter, rakes up cow parsley after cutting and bakes numerous cakes for working party volunteers, is Sue Cobham.

She notes that 'the The Park is popular with local residents of all age-groups.  Users of the Park appreciate it as a semi-wild, informal and usually peaceful place.  Uses of the Park vary between passive and active, formal and informal.'

Some of these are listed below:


  • Poetry readings and recitals [Poetry Photo]
  • Musical performances by the Wantage Silver Band
    Jazz in the Park

    Wantage Silver Band playing with Teddy Bear accompaniment
    © Ralph Cobham

  • King Alfreds Performance

    KA Students' Drama Performance
    © Ralph Cobham

  • Visits by Adult Interest Groups (e.g..the Betjeman Society) and School Parties
  • TV Crew in Park

    TV Programme Filming in the Park
    © Ralph Cobham

    Occasional use by Film and TV Companies
  • Sculpture Masterclass

    'Art in the Park' participants sculpting
    © Ralph Cobham

    Master Classes in Sculpture, Drawing and Water-Colour
  • Drama performances by both professional and amateur groups, especially the Drama students of King Alfred's Specialist Sports College


Informal Uses observed by Sue include picnicking, bird watching, photography, sitting and strolling, as well as play and nature observation by Pre-School Groups.

Some of the most active uses are the maintenance operations undertaken seasonally by Working Parties.  The Local Packs of Cubs and Beavers are particularly active in helped to clear leaves in the autumn.