Writing in the Park

Anya Smith

Anya Smith
Ralph Cobham

Students from several Departments visit the Park for many assignments.  Formerly Head of the Department of English at King Alfred's Specialist Sports College, Anya Smith reports: "One example was the visit of KA's Students to the Park for a 'Living Literarcy' session on 14 May 2009.  On that occasion creative words were in full flow, for the theme was Tree myths of Betjeman Park".  One of the students' wrote a piece entitled 

'Stairway to heaven'

Once upon a time a tree lay silent in the forest.  One day God came down and saw the lonely tree.  'You will be more popular,' he said.  'I will make you into a stairway.'

People used the stairway to visit the forest.  Then there was an evil woman with a lot of money who went up the staircase.  'Could I buy the stairway?', she asked.

'How dare you?' cried God.  The lady ran down the stairs.  God made them crumple and the lady fell down and died.

Then because the tree was sad, God let him sing a song.  Next a man came along and made a song about it.  He was in the band called Led Zeppelin.  The song was the 'Stairway to Heaven.'

After the event, Lesley Botchway, the English Teacher, wrote: 'Thank you very much for supporting our Living Literacy Workshops with Year 7 recently.  It is very much appreciated by myself, my colleagues and the students.  Many of the students commented on how they had learnt something new about Betjeman Park.'

Learning in the Park

KA Students in the Park
Lesley Bothchway