Ode to the Park

More recently in February 2011 one of life's rich and lovely surprises occurred as a Trustee described.

"When visiting the Park on a photographic foray I saw a lady sitting peacefully on one of the Sarsen Stones, enjoying the first feel of Spring.  She graciously allowed me to record the scene on film.  Within twenty four hours an envelope dropped through the letter-box containing …."

Ode to the Park

Poet in the Park

Anna Howard
©Ralph Cobham

Sitting in the early Spring sunshine
Here in Betjeman Park
Snowdrops, catkins and crocus
Two shy narcissi, the odd passer-by
Sipping tea from my flask
Leaning on Old Man Stone

Isn't this how life is meant to be?
Just for a moment, just for a moment.

Distant chatter grows louder and 
Children race across the stream
Land to play in this sacred circle
Their voices full of fun and laughter

Curious about the girl beneath the tree
They play hide-and-seek beside her
Counting one, two three
They scamper off in search of Emily.

Quick as they came, they're off again
To feed ducks, they say
With sticky fingers in bags of bread…
"Ducks and me" smiles the elder of the three.

Time now to return to home and hearth
To leave today this holy place
Where time stood still and
Nature danced
Blessing us one and all
With quiet…. Mysterious… grace.

Anna Howard